Working together for our Future: Corporate Projects

Capital Programs of Work

Corporate Projects


The Corporate Projects program of work focuses on a diverse range of projects that support the City’s operating departments and includes planning studies, renewal of administration facilities, investment in corporate technology, and renewal of vehicle and equipment.

Planning and Strategic Initiatives identifies projects, and corporate-focused studies and reviews that include the City’s Official Plan, secondary plans, asset management and facility space needs assessments.

Facility Renewal and Expansion identifies investments required to accommodate corporate functions that include Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Realty Services, Court Services, Fleet Services and Operations.

Equipment and Vehicle Renewal and Expansion includes the necessary supporting assets for corporate functions and includes technology infrastructure, ancillary equipment and fleet vehicles.

2021 to 2030 project highlights

Planning and Strategic Initiatives

  • Implement Office 365 (IT0067) throughout the corporation to fully enable work from anywhere for staff including access to files, applications, forms and the use of video conference technology from any hardware from any network. This work will include advances in security features and a continued utilization of cloud-based services.

Facility Renewal and Expansion

  • Renewal of the Provincial Offenses Court facility (CS0004).

Equipment and Vehicle Renewal

  • Modify the fleet vehicle and equipment lifecycle programs, and the technology lifecycle program to meet current funding constraints. The modifications will lead to using equipment past its useful life, increasing the risk of failure and increased operating costs.
  • Make a significant investment in modernizing our Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) system to further the goals of the Asset Management Plan, to enable a mobile workforce and review our human capital management system (IT0065) to increase efficiency through process automation.

Operating impacts

Forecasted impacts from the 2021 recommended capital spending will be $1,152,375 on Information Technology projects for staffing, software licensing and hardware.

Information Technology projects Forecasted impact
IT0063 Corporate POS Software Replacement $205,875
GG0258 Expense Management Application $50,000
IT0064 Property Tax Billing Software Replacement $46,000
IT0067 City of Guelph Office 365 $492,200
IT0068 IT Service Desk Software Replacement $66,000
IT0071 Corporate Data Classification $140,000
IT0072 City Wide Multifactor Authentication $70,000
IT0073 Corporate Application Enhancements $10,000
IT0074 Digital Enhancements $15,000
IT0078 Office 365 Data Backup and Restore $40,000
IT0084 Software Replacement $17,300

Budget details

2021 Corporate Projects capital budget

2021 to 2030 operating budget impact from capital