Privacy and notices of collection

A notice of collection statement will be provided any time personal information is collected by the City. This includes City forms, surveys and in person engagement sessions.

All City notices will clearly state:

  1. That personal information is being collected by the City;
  2. What the purpose of that collection is (ex. to inform a City study or report);
  3. That participation is voluntary;
  4. Whether or not personal information and opinions will be confidential or will be shared in any way;
  5. That we have the authority to collect this information under MFIPPA;
  6. Direct phone and email contact for the Program Manager Information, Privacy and Elections; and
  7. The phone and email contact for the City staff member managing the initiative the information is being collected for.

The City will post all notices of collection for telephone surveys in the Public Notices section of the City’s online newsroom at

The City will never ask members of the public for financial information or insist that a financial transaction be completed as part of a telephone survey.

Video surveillance

The City has video surveillance systems in place to ensure the safety and security of employees, the public and City property. Video surveillance systems are currently in place at all City facilities, on Guelph Transit buses and on Fire Services front line trucks.

A notice of collection sign will be posted at all public access points to and within areas under video surveillance.

The City of Guelph recognizes the delicate balance between an individual’s right to be free from invasion of privacy and the need to protect the safety and security of its employees, the public and property. In respecting this balance, the City is committed to ensuring and enhancing the safety and security of the public, its employees and property by integrating security best practices with the responsible use of technology.

For more information

Video Surveillance Policy
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