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Guelph navigates its stars. Together.

June 20, 2019

City releases a stirring video to galvanize people around Guelph’s new Community Plan Prepare to be moved, then watch and share “Navigating all our Stars.” Guelph, Ont., June 20, 2019—Do you feel it? Our genuine want for connection. Our desire to create a better community, for everyone. The City of Guelph released a spoken word video “Navigating all our Stars” which offers a unique artistic view of the community’s aspirations as presented in Guelph’s Community Plan. Through the talent of local artist Beth Anne Ellipsis, community members are able see their city in a new way. Beth Anne has captured the essence of Guelph’s vision for the future and presented it alongside the reality of where we are today. Beth Anne used the thoughts, opinions… Continue reading Guelph navigates its stars. Together.

A united vision: Guelph’s Community Plan

May 17, 2019

Guelph, Ont., May 17, 2019—Last night Guelph presented City Council with its Community Plan—a celebration of our community’s diversity, shared values and direction for our future. The Community Plan is the culmination of 18-months of conversations, observations, research and writing. More than 10,000 Guelphites worked together to write the plan. They came together in person, at workshops and meetings, online and at special events. And together is how the plan was presented. City staff were joined by six community members who presented the plan’s six themes, and by Beth Anne Ellipsis, a spoken word artist, who read her piece Navigating All Our Stars.  Community Plan themes We are home We protect our environment We create value We feel well We play explore We move around… Continue reading A united vision: Guelph’s Community Plan

Guelph you’ve made your mark

May 3, 2019

Guelph, Ont., May 3, 2019—Yesterday—ahead of a community presentation to Council on May 16—the City of Guelph released Guelph’s Community Plan on behalf of the community as part of its package of Council materials. The Community Plan started with a simple thought: imagine a Guelph where we are all moving in the same direction toward a shared future. The Community Plan will be our guide as we build a strong, welcoming and prosperous future for our community where everyone has a sense of belonging. “We’ve had an incredible year with the community,” says Colleen Clack, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Public Services. “Collectively we spent 18 months conducting research, engaging with and listening to each other to understand our values, needs and concerns. We’ve looked at… Continue reading Guelph you’ve made your mark

Guelph’s Community Plan “Sprint”

April 23, 2019

Attention news, photo and video editors Guelph, Ont., April 23, 2019—The City of Guelph will host a culminating community event following 18 months of research and community engagement to develop Guelph’s Community Plan. The “City Sprint” will be a high energy, creative afternoon designed to share the values and key themes identified during the Plan’s research and engagement phase. Participants will hear from community representatives and visit stations for each theme to provide feedback and help City Council and the community set priorities to advance the work. The Community Plan Discussion Paper is available online for those who are unable to attend the Sprint event. The Discussion Paper is an analysis and summary of directions following a comprehensive research and engagement process from October 2017… Continue reading Guelph’s Community Plan “Sprint”

The Power of a Whiteboard

August 3, 2018

It takes a village to build a future and Dialectic is proud to play a role in the evolution of the Guelph Community Plan Dialectic and the City of Guelph are collaborating on a “travelling whiteboard” project to crowd-source community input that will help shape a collective vision for the city’s future. What’s in your recipe for an amazing Guelph? Guelph is poised to grow from around 130,000 today to 170,000 by 2030. In anticipation of this, the city is gathering input to develop Guelph’s Community Plan. Dialectic is sponsoring the whiteboard project as an interactive way to source ideas at community events, starting with the Taste Real Local Food Fest June 24, with the question: “What’s in your recipe for an amazing Guelph?” Information collected… Continue reading The Power of a Whiteboard

Music, sunshine and community conversations

July 27, 2018

Hillside shines a light on some of the greatest things about Guelph: music, community and being outside together. July 13 through 15, people of all ages, races, orientations and abilities came together to sing and dance in the Guelph Lake Conservation Area. This three-day festival created the perfect environment for us to ask: What’s next for Guelph? When completing our headline activity; affordable housing, biking infrastructure, public transit and traffic were popular topics of conversation amongst Hillsiders. Some ideas were big and far-reaching, while others were very specific. Here are a few of the headlines from Hillside Festival: Environmental Guelph Celebrates 10 Years Free of Single-Use Plastic Guelph Reaches 70% Tree Canopy! Guelph is Self-Sufficient in Water Supply Guelph Well on its Way to Net… Continue reading Music, sunshine and community conversations

You talk, we listen and share

June 28, 2018

Your voice matters. We’re going to share what we’re hearing while we’re hearing it. About 50 per cent of people in Guelph think their voice helps shape municipal decisions. Continue reading You talk, we listen and share

What’s behind a headline?

June 28, 2018

Online they help to drive people to your site. Obviously, they tell us about what we’re going to read. Socially and historically, headlines tell us a lot. Continue reading What’s behind a headline?