City of Guelph shares final Future Ready Strategic Plan progress report

77 per cent of all strategic initiatives were either completed or significantly advanced as of December 2023

Guelph, Ontario, June 13, 2024 – The City of Guelph is pleased to share its final report on the 2019-2023 Guelph. Future Ready Strategic Plan.. This aligns with the City’s values of transparency and accountability and its commitment to plan, budget, and report.

Approved in 2019, the Guelph. Future Ready Strategic Plan guided Council priorities and staff’s work towards making Guelph an inclusive, connected, prosperous city where we look after each other and our environment. The plan’s implementation period ended in December 2023.

The final report presented to Council on June 12 at the Committee of the Whole highlights the City’s achievements along the five strategic pillars. It also shares data and stories from the plan’s implementation period. Amongst the data shared was an update that showed that as of December 2023, 77 per cent of the strategic initiatives in the Future Ready plan were either completed or have been significantly advanced.

“We are thrilled with the City’s performance on the objectives we set for ourselves in the Guelph. Future Ready Strategic Plan. To be able to achieve a 77 per cent completion on most of our projects while battling the challenges we faced during and after the pandemic is a testament to our unwavering commitment to progress. I am proud of the exceptional services we continue to provide to our community. But I am really thankful to the folks working behind the scenes daily to bring our vision of Guelph to reality”. Says Scott Stewart, the City’s chief administrative officer.

The progress report gives community members an inside look at the City’s performance against key metrics set in the previous strategic plan. The report is framed under five strategic pillars:

  • Powering our future
  • Sustaining our future
  • Navigating our future
  • Working together for our future
  • Building our future

As we close this chapter, the City is already looking ahead. The City began implementing its Future Guelph Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 in January. The new plan will continue to build on the successes of the previous strategic plan. in January. The new plan will continue to build on the successes of the previous strategic plan.

“We are already taking what we learned during the Guelph. Future Ready implementation into our new strategic plan cycle. We hope to continue to innovate our services and build upon our current achievements. As we continue to provide future iterations of this report, our goal is that it will be reflective of our continued commitment to excellence” says Stewart.

The City’s strategic plan is the organization’s north star and shares a connection with the City budget which is the affordability tool that determines the pace at which the City is able to achieve the strategic initiatives. The final Guelph. Future Ready Progress report represents the third component of the performance and accountability cycle of planning, budgeting, reporting, and repeating.

The full report is available to the public on


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