City clarifies recent outreach efforts to individuals living in encampments

Guelph, Ont., February 9, 2024 – Late yesterday, the City of Guelph was made aware of flyers that had been distributed to individuals living in tents in a downtown encampment containing misleading information.

The flyers, which were distributed in error, incorrectly suggested that City Bylaw staff would return in 12 hours to deliver eviction notices. This is contrary to the City’s standard procedures, which include waiting three full days after a tent has been deemed to be abandoned before Bylaw staff remove the tent and other belongings and move them into storage for a period of 30 days.

In recent days, Stepping Stone has connected with individuals living in encampments to make them aware of the opportunity for temporary hotel shelter using available funding under Wellington County’s Reaching Home program.

City Bylaw staff, in partnership with Stepping Stone, have visited the site to remove any remaining flyers and provide more information about how individuals can access temporary shelter.

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