Statement from Mayor Cam Guthrie on the recent conflict in the Middle East

Guelph, Ont., October 16, 2023

The recent conflict and its impact on innocent lives in Israel and Gaza has been extremely difficult for citizens of Guelph to witness. More so for those who have direct connections to this region.

I’m grateful for hearing many respectful voices these past few days, who 100% condemn the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas.

These same voices are also 100% committed to peace and unity for all.

This was evident by my interactions with our local Jewish community and through the statement from the Muslim Society of Guelph where calls for unity and peace were clearly expressed. I thank them for leading the community in this way.

As mayor, I want to amplify their message, stand in solidarity with them and ask the community to do the same during these challenging times. In recognition of this call, City Hall will be lit in white expressing our collective resolve for peace.

Due to pre-scheduled community requests, this will occur on October 23 and 24.

Cam Guthrie