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Proposed development in your community: 89 Beechwood Avenue

Public meeting for planning applications Guelph City Council will hold a public meeting in accordance with the Planning Act to consider the following planning and development applications. The meeting will take place: Monday, September 11, 2017 6:30 p.m. Council Chambers, City Hall 1 Carden Street, Guelph About the planning applications Proposed development application 89 Beechwood Avenue (City File: ZC1706) – Ward 3 Subject lands: The subject property is located on the west side of Beechwood Avenue, north of Waterloo Avenue.  The subject property has an area of 0.40 hectares (0.98 acres) and a frontage of 56 metres along Beechwood Avenue. The property is currently developed with a one-storey building and associated parking area and is proposed to be demolished. Purpose and effect of application: The… Continue reading Proposed development in your community: 89 Beechwood Avenue

Building Partnerships Pledge

City hall focuses on building partnerships with business community

Guelph is making it easier for business to do business with city hall. The City offers more support, better tools, and easier processes for businesses moving to Guelph and applying for planning and development approvals Continue reading City hall focuses on building partnerships with business community

Integrated Operational Review annual report July 5

On July 5, 2016, City staff presented the Integrated Operational Review annual report.

The report described our accomplishments so far, outlined next steps, and emphasized the need to continuously modernize and improve the City’s approach to planning and development applications. Continue reading Integrated Operational Review annual report July 5

Policies to safeguard Guelph’s drinking water take effect July 1

City to work with landowners, businesses, developers to ensure compliance Guelph, Ont., June 29, 2016 – The City’s 72 Source Water Protection policies come into effect Friday. The provincially-legislated policies are part of the Lake Erie Source Protection Region’s Source Protection Plan designed to identify and manage threats to Guelph’s municipal drinking water. “The best way to ensure safe drinking water is to protect it at its source,” said Peter Rider, the City’s Risk Management Official. “Everyone in our community can play a role in protecting Guelph’s groundwater for future generations by taking simple precautions with everyday actions.” Guelph is one of 13 municipalities rolling out policies that support the locally-developed source protection plan. The plan and its Guelph-specific policies were endorsed by the Ministry of… Continue reading Policies to safeguard Guelph’s drinking water take effect July 1

Changes coming to parts of guelph.ca

Starting at the end of April, parts of guelph.ca will be updated and re-organized. These webpage changes will make it easier for online users to find, understand and participate in planning and development decisions. Development application instructions will be clearly laid out, and related documents will be grouped together. Webpages will be organized by subject— not by department—so you can search the site, and find what you need without worrying about which City department it comes from. These preliminary website updates are the first phase of many improvements being made on the City’s website. Like any web update, there may be a few bumps and broken links along the way. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give these easy steps a try: Use the search… Continue reading Changes coming to parts of guelph.ca

City seeks input on affordable housing strategy

Guelph, ON, February 1, 2016 – Residents are invited to participate in one of two City-hosted public meetings on February 9 to review and validate Guelph’s draft directions for affordable housing. “The City has a role to play in ensuring affordable housing is available for Guelph residents,” explains Joan Jylanne, senior policy planner. “We are asking for community input to inform an affordable housing strategy that supports secure affordable, private sector housing for low- and moderate-income households.” Registration for the public meetings is required by February 4 at guelph.ca/housing by clicking on the Affordable Housing button. For registration assistance, call Madeleine Myhill at 519-837-5616 extension 2459. For those unable to attend, an online feedback form will be available on guelph.ca from February 8 to 22.… Continue reading City seeks input on affordable housing strategy

Guelph’s first heritage conservation district receives official designation

Guelph, ON, January 21, 2016 – Guelph’s first heritage conservation district (HCD), the Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District, is now designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. “The Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District is the first area in our city to have its properties’ cultural heritage features recognized and protected,” says Stephen Robinson, Senior Heritage Planner. “The HCD designation also allows for new construction, alterations or demolitions on properties in the district provided the neighbourhood’s cultural heritage is conserved.” This official designation follows the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) recent dismissal of the appeals against the Brooklyn and College Hill HCD. The OMB decision recognizes the City met all requirements of the Ontario Heritage Act in designating the district. The City’s Brooklyn and… Continue reading Guelph’s first heritage conservation district receives official designation

Council approves first step in Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan process

Guelph, Ont., December 15, 2015 – Last evening Council approved the terms of reference for the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan study—the first step in the planning process to develop the southernmost portion of the city. “The approved terms of reference outlines the project’s scope and purpose including the studies required to explore land use, infrastructure, transportation connections, natural heritage features, and parks and trails within Guelph’s last unplanned 520 hectares,” says Stacey Laughlin, the City’s senior policy planner. The City developed the terms of reference with input from the County of Wellington, the Township of Puslinch, Grand River Conservation Authority, local property owners, developers and community members. Establishing the terms of reference is part of the first phase of the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan study. In 2016,… Continue reading Council approves first step in Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan process

City updating Downtown Zoning By-law

Guelph, ON, August 19, 2015 – The City is undertaking a review to update the Downtown Zoning By-law regulations and downtown commercial zones. “The purpose of the Downtown Zoning By-law review is to support and sustain a vibrant Downtown Guelph,” explains David DeGroot, Senior Urban Designer. “The review will ensure an updated Zoning By-law aligns with the existing Downtown Secondary Plan and supports appropriate investment and development in our city’s core.” Topics to be addressed during the review include: Downtown Secondary Plan densities, land use permissions, building heights and other policies,  Urban design regulations and standards, Zoning implications related to cultural heritage, brownfield sites and servicing, and, Recommending private parking regulations, including bicycle parking. The City will be meeting with agencies, landowners, businesses, stakeholders and… Continue reading City updating Downtown Zoning By-law

City improving development planning processes

Guelph’s IOR Annual Report illustrates significant cultural shift Guelph, ON, June 29, 2015 – The City of Guelph has released the Integrated Operational Review (IOR) Annual Report, which will be shared with the Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Committee at its July 7 meeting. The report highlights progress made to date on making Guelph a more welcoming place for business and investment and includes 23 recommendations that aim to strengthen the City’s development approval processes. “By working collaboratively across City departments, examining existing processes and identifying opportunities for improvement, with involvement from the development industry and business community, Guelph can continue to bring about the changes needed to build a welcoming city for business and investment,” says Todd Salter, general manager of Planning, Urban Design and… Continue reading City improving development planning processes

2015 Integrated Operational Review (IOR) Update

Introducing the first Integrated Operational Review (IOR) update of 2015 and summary of key IOR initiatives and events. A focused approach One of the immediate priorities identified as part of IOR implementation, in summer 2014, was the mapping of all development approval processes (DAPs). Since fall 2014, City staff mapped all DAPs and identified opportunities for process enhancements. By using DAPs as the foundational building block for IOR, subsequent priorities such as implementing the mandatory Pre-consultation Process and establishing the Development Review Committee can be put into action and become solid testing grounds for the revised DAPs. Goals for 2015 These four goals focus on IOR implementation. Goal 1: Complete process mapping for DAPs, formalize process enhancement recommendations and begin implementation (January-June 2015) Goal 2:… Continue reading 2015 Integrated Operational Review (IOR) Update

Guelph’s Official Plan protects Guelph’s rivers, wetlands and natural spaces

Natural Heritage System policies now in effect Guelph, ON, July 23, 2014 – The City of Guelph’s Official Plan Amendment for the Natural Heritage System (OPA 42) was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on June 4 and is now in effect. “The City’s Natural Heritage System is a combination of natural heritage features and areas including wetlands, rivers, woodlands, valleylands, wildlife habitats, restoration areas and wildlife crossings,” explained Melissa Aldunate, manager of policy planning and urban design. “The approval of OPA 42 brings into effect new Official Plan policies that demonstrate Guelph’s environmental commitment by providing a strong framework for long-term protection of the City’s Natural Heritage System.” On June 4, the City submitted OPA 42, also known as the Natural Heritage System, to… Continue reading Guelph’s Official Plan protects Guelph’s rivers, wetlands and natural spaces