One2One support

One2One Support is offered to individuals diagnosed with physical, cognitive and/or developmental disabilities, providing assistance when participating in programs. Participants must be registered in a City of Guelph recreational program to be eligible for One2One

Program goals

  • Provide a safe environment
  • Provide challenges for the participant and volunteer
  • Encourage participation
  • Provide activities of interest
  • Provide opportunity to practice and develop skills
  • Create and implement activities that lead to the physical, mental and psychological growth of the participant
  • Offer activities for which there are few opportunities in everyday life
  • Give participants the opportunity to meet new friends
  • Allow participants to express themselves creatively and freely
  • Promote an understanding of differing levels of ability among a participant’s peers
  • Develop a sense of independence
  • Have fun

Assessing a participant’s need for support

  • Is extra support required at school?
  • Is extra help needed at home for basic care?
  • Is there a diagnosed physical, medical, and/or developmental disability that could affect the safety of the participant or other participants?
  • Does the participant belong to a support agency?

How to register

If you require One2One support in a City of Guelph recreation program or camp, please register for One2One support in addition to your program registration.

  1. Register in a recreation program/camp
  2. Register for your One2One Support using the applicable barcode:
    • 210287 for spring programs (General Interest and Aquatics)
    • 210339 for summer programs (General Interest and Aquatics)
  3. A City of Guelph staff member will be in contact with you about One2One Support

One2One support in summer camps (ages 4-21 years)

In addition to your camp registration, please register for One2One support using the applicable codes below (maximum four weeks per camper).

Week Days Program code
July 3 Tuesday to Friday 210340
July 9 Monday to Friday 210341
July 16 Monday to Friday 210342
July 23 Monday to Friday 210343
July 30 Monday to Friday 210344
August 7 Tuesday to Friday 210345
August 13 Monday to Friday 210346
August 20 Monday to Friday 210347
August 27 Monday to Friday 210348

Please note the following

  • Every effort is made to provide support to participants with disabilities either through staff, volunteers and/or the use of adaptive equipment. Support is based on available resources
    and is not guaranteed.
  • If support is unavailable through the City of Guelph, participants may provide their own support person to assist. Please email or call 519-822-1260 extension 2606 if outside support will be attending.
  • One2One volunteers do not provide personal care in the changeroom/washroom.
  • To provide equal opportunity for all, each camper may receive a maximum of four weeks of support for 2018 summer camps.