Corner lot properties

Help keep sightlines clear

It’s important that gardens, plants or fences on your property not impede the view of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in your neighbourhood.

Measure the sightline triangle

To find the sightline triangle on your property, start at the corner survey stake. The stake is usually located several feet back from sidewalk; check your property survey to locate your property lines.

Measure nine metres (30 feet) from the stake in both directions. The area between these three points is the sightline triangle, and must be kept free of obstructions.

The City regulates what can be built or grown inside the sightline triangle on corner lots.

No fence, shrub or foliage of any kind may exceed 0.8 metres (32 inches) in height as measured from the roadway. This usually means that the height may not exceed 0.66 metres (26 inches) as measured from the ground where the fence, shrub or foliage is located.

Removing problem vegetation

The City of Guelph may contact a property owner and request that vegetation be trimmed or obstructions be removed from the sightline triangle.

If the problem vegetation is located on the city road allowance (such as a boulevard garden), the City of Guelph may contact the owner of the property adjacent to the vegetation and request that they trim or remove the problem vegetation. If the owner is not able to keep the vegetation trimmed to the permitted height, the City will have the problem vegetation removed entirely to prevent sightline obstructions.

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