Are you an immigrant with international experience or education?

The City of Guelph is an equal opportunity employer, and values diversity in our workplace. Our recruitment considers all your credentials and experience. We also have internship and mentoring programs that help immigrants to be successful in the Ontario Municipal work environment.

City of Guelph programs that support
immigrant employment success

Municipal Internship for Immigrants at Guelph (MII@Guelph)

Our MII@Guelph interns use their skills and experience to make a difference in Guelph. Interns can develop professional networks, and learn more about being successful in a municipal work environment. The paid internships typically range from 2-6 months.

MII@Guelph is a partnership with Conestoga College and their Immigrant Internship Program.. Learn more about the internship opportunities by contacting the program manager at Conestoga College, today.


With over 400 different types of roles that support community well-being, the City of Guelph is a great fit for a mentoring program that supports local immigrant professionals. Our City of Guelph mentors find this a rich and rewarding experience. Please connect with Lutherwood Employment Services to learn more about taking part in the mentoring program.

Specialized orientation and onboarding materials

The City of Guelph has developed specialized materials to help people with little experience in the Ontario Municipal sector. As an employee, you will enjoy having a key resource “buddy”, and a development plan that helps you learn and grow your skills.

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