Affordable housing

The City recognizes the importance of housing, including affordable housing, in meeting the needs of the City’s existing and future residents.The provision of affordable housing is an on-going challenge, which the City plans to address through the creation and implementation of an Affordable Housing Strategy.

The involvement and coordination of all stakeholders, including the federal, provincial and municipal governments, Wellington County, not-for-profit sector, development community, and Guelph residents is needed to ensure that affordable housing is available for all.

Affordable Housing Strategy

The City is currently working to develop an Affordable Housing Strategy. The strategy is intended to build on the work of the City’s Official Plan and the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan led by Wellington County as the Service Manager for social housing and homelessness programs.

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Background information

Affordable Housing Strategy: Draft Directions report – 2015

The Draft Directions report presents municipal affordable housing tools, current responses, and potential draft directions to address the City’s affordable housing issues.

7 MBAffordable Housing Draft Directions Report (including attachments) – Revised December 7, 2015 5 MBAffordable Housing Strategy Draft Directions Staff Report to Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Committee 356 kBAttachment 1: Draft Directions Report (report only) – Revised December 7, 2015 293 kBAttachment 2: Summary of Affordable Housing Tools – Revised as of December 7, 2015 1 MBAttachment 3: Municipal Tools for Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Strategy: State of Housing report – 2015

The State of Housing report presents a demographic and statistical analysis of households in Guelph and identifies affordable housing issues affecting residents of our community.

5 MBReport (including attachments) 2 MBReport only 566 kBAttachment 1: Staff Report 14-15 Housing Strategy Background Report and Proposed Project Charter 2 MBAttachment 2: State of Housing Report 723 kBAttachment 3: Registered Accessory Apartment Survey Results 107 kBAttachment 4: Affordable Housing Strategy: Focus Group Feedback on Issues 205 kBAttachment 5: Affordable Housing Strategy Work Plan and Community Engagement Process

Affordable Housing Strategy: Housing Strategy Background report and proposed project charter – 2014

The Housing Strategy Background report and proposed project charter provide an overview of the current state of housing policy and implementation in Guelph, and identify a recommended focused scope for developing Guelph’s Housing Strategy.

Report (including attachments)  Report only Attachment 1 – Housing Strategy Background Report Attachment 2 – Housing Strategy Project Charter

Affordable Housing Discussion Paper – 2009

The 2009 Affordable Housing Discussion paper provides a detailed examination of the current and projected need for affordable housing in Guelph.

Affordable Housing Summary Workshop Feedback on Discussion Paper – Public workshops Feedback on Discussion Paper – Development Sector workshop Affordable Housing Discussion Paper Attachment 1 – Existing Official Plan Policies for Affordable Housing (2006) Attachment 2 – History of Affordable Housing Attachment 3 – Guelph’s Housing Statistical Profile Attachment 4 – Methodology for Determining the Affordable Housing Target

Affordable Housing Strategy Action Plan – 2005

The 2005 action plan was completed by the County of Wellington who is the service manager for social housing in the City of Guelph and the County.

Affordable Housing Strategy Action Plan – 2005

Affordable Housing Action Plan – 2002

The 2002 action plan was prepared by the City of Guelph in anticipation of senior level government funding for the development of new affordable housing in the City.

Affordable Housing Action Plan – 2002

City of Guelph Municipal Housing Statement – 1990

The 1990 housing statement was prepared as an implementation requirement for the development of municipal non-profit housing.

1990 Municipal Housing Statement