Pest Control

Guelph lawns and gardens go ‘green’

flowerboyOntario’s lawns, gardens, school yards and parks got a lot healthier beginning Earth Day, April 22, 2009. That’s the day the province’s cosmetic pesticides ban took effect.

The McGuinty government believes the use of pesticides to control pesky weeds and insects for purely cosmetic reasons is an unnecessary risk to our families and pets, especially when you can have a healthier lawn and garden without chemicals.

The provincial ban overrides municipal pesticide bylaws, protecting all Ontarians, not just those in some communities. It also establishes one clear set of rules, which makes it easier for Ontario businesses to follow.

What does the ban mean for Guelph residents?

Guelph residents as well as all residents in Ontario are no longer permitted to buy and use pesticides for cosmetic purposes.

The Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban will regulate the sale of products containing certain ingredients with controlled sales or banned sales.

Under the new ban you will still be able to buy certain types of pesticides for use in and around the home to protect the health or safety of your family.

With the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban affecting all property owners in 2009, residents are encouraged to explore natural alternatives to pesticides and practice proactive landscape maintenance to help maintain their properties and mitigate the effects of common landscape pests. The City’s Healthy Landscapes program provides assistance and support to all members of the community to ensure compliance with all aspects of the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban.

Pest Control Alternatives

Pesticides, whether chemical or organic, permitted or restricted, have the inherent or potential danger of:

  • killing or harming beneficial plants, insects and mites;
  • being harmful (toxic) to plants, animal, fish and humans if not used as directed;
  • causing skin or eye irritations;
  • being toxic until diluted or washed away; and
  • being harmful if ingested or inhaled.

With this in mind, it is important to always read and follow the manufacturer’s directions before applying any type of product to your lawn or garden.

Please check back soon, for more information on Natural Controls for your lawn and garden.