Environment planning

The City’s Mission Statement includes a municipal commitment to environmental stewardship. A fundamental operating principle of the City’s Official Plan is environmental sustainability – the recognition that the City’s quality of life is directly related to the integrity of natural systems and we have a responsibility to maintain and improve these systems for future generations of residents.


Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) is a citizen technical advisory group that is appointed by Council to provide advice to City staff.

The EAC reviews environmental documents submitted in conjunction with planning applications (Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-Law Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivisions) and examines issues as referred to them by City Council, Standing Committees, the director of Community Design and Development Services, and any other Department through the City Administrator.

EAC Committee meetings and agendas

River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC)

The River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC) is a volunteer council appointed committee that provides advice and assistance to City Staff and Council on issues that impact on waterways and adjacent lands within the City of Guelph.

The RSAC provides recommendations to City Staff and Council on the following:

  • Monitoring, implementation and updating of the River Systems Management Study.
  • Monitoring, implementation and updating of subwatershed studies.
  • Planning and implementation of stream restoration for channels not included in the subwatershed plans.

Concerns taken on by the committee are:

  • Compatibility of land use in valley lands with river land values including natural and historical heritage concerns.
  • Stream ecology with emphasis on water quantity and quality.
  • Trails, Recreational access to streams and valley lands.
  • Education, Engagement, Awareness and Partnerships of River Systems.

RSAC meetings and agendas