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20 & 37 Cityview Road North

Proposed Plan of Subdivision to create 261 Dwelling Units. Proposed Zoning Amendment to rezone subject lands from UR, FL and R.1 and R.2 Zones to R.3B-7, R.4A, P.1, P.2 and WL Zones

1820 Gordon Street

Redline revisions to approved Draft Plan of Subdivision, resulting in elimination of stormwater management facility and park and the redesign of the plan.

1159 Victoria Road South

Zoning Amendment and Redline Amendment to 23T07056 to permit an overall increase in the number of residential dwelling units with reduced minimum lot areas and frontages, reduced minimum yards and increased maximum building coverage.

635 Woodlawn Road East

Proposed Official Plan Amendment to allow an apartment block development with an increased density and to redesignate a block of land for commercial mixed use development. Draft Plan of Subdivision that will include a total of 279 dwelling units (single detached, townhouse and apartment dwellings), a commercial/office/residential development, parks and open space and a community garden. Zoning Amendment to rezone the subject lands to permit the above described proposed land uses.

132 Clair Road West

Application for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit a Community Shopping Centre Zone and a Cluster Townhouse Zone.