Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan

Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan

Financial incentives

The Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan consists of a number of financial incentive programs that are intended to stimulate private sector investment in the reuse and redevelopment of brownfield sites and partially offset the costs associated with the site assessment and remediation.

The incentive programs contained in this Community Improvement Plan (CIP) can be used individually or together by an applicant, but in no case can two or more programs be used to pay for the same eligible cost, i.e., double dipping is not permitted. Also, the total of all grants, loans, and tax assistance provided in respect of the particular property for which an applicant is making application under the programs contained in the Community Improvement Plan, shall not exceed the eligible costs of the improvements to that property under all applicable Community Improvement Plans.

Summary of Incentive Programs

Environmental Study Grant

  • Grant equivalent to 50% of the cost of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, designated substances and hazardous materials survey, remedial work plan or risk assessment
  • Maximum grant of $15,000 per environmental study
  • Maximum of two studies per property/project
  • Maximum total grant of $30,000 per property/project

Tax Assistance

  • Offset site investigation and remediation by cancelling municipal property taxes and education property taxes for up to three years
  • Cancellation of education property taxes is subject to approval by the Minister of Finance

Tax Increment Based Grant

  • Offset site investigation and remediation costs, and LEED® costs using a grant equivalent to 80% of the municipal property tax increase created by the project for up to 10 years after the project completion

For complete program details and requirements, please visit the Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan, and consult with Planning Services staff prior to completing and submitting an application. Incentive Program applications can be found under the Applications tab.

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