Capital projects

Over the next 10 years, the City will spend more than $950 million to plan, design and build over 300 capital projects.

The way we manage Guelph’s capital projects is evolving. We’re creating systems that improve planning and oversight. This involves more rigorous project and risk management practices to ensure large-scale construction projects are well-managed.

Greater governance, oversight, communications and reporting of Guelph’s capital projects are a reflection of our commitment to be more accountable and transparent.

The City’s Project Management Office (PMO) is leading this work based on recommendations from Deloitte’s Capital Projects Risk Assessment and strategic advice from the City’s internal Complex Capital Projects Committee.

What’s a capital project?

A capital project refers to the purchase, replacement, upgrade, expansion or creation of an asset that requires a substantial capital investment.

The City categorizes its capital projects into the following three tiers:

Tier 1

  • more than $10 million
  • highly complex project scope
  • high level of risk to construct
  • external staffing resources are required
  • high profile

Tier 2

  • $1 to 10 million
  • new initiative
  • medium level of risk to construct
  • interdepartmental resources and external staffing required
  • medium profile

Tier 3

  • less than $1 million
  • operational, routine project scope
  • low level of risk involved to construct
  • low profile

Important considerations about the tiers

  • The dollar figure alone does not determine the tier level
  • The tiered categorization allows the City to scale the level of project management rigour to the level of project risk.
  • The City is focusing on project management standards for its Tier 1 projects first.

Tier 1 projects underway

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Quarterly updates on Tier 1 projects




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