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Now is the time to protect yourself from frozen pipes

February’s cold temperatures could cause plumbing problems for some Take action to protect your pipes Media release Guelph, Ont., February 8, 2018—The City is ramping up efforts to reduce the impacts from frozen water pipes this winter. Residents and businesses can visit guelph.ca/frozenpipes to get simple tips for protecting their pipes. “We’re monitoring environmental triggers, including Environment Canada weather forecasts, which indicate a cold February much like we experienced in 2015,” explains Emily Stahl, manager of Technical Services, Water Services. “We’re already working with a number of homes and businesses where frozen City pipes have caused problems in the past to make sure their water keeps flowing.” Running water As part of the City’s frozen water pipe policy, customers who had frozen water pipes in the… Continue reading Now is the time to protect yourself from frozen pipes

Council approves Frozen Water Pipe Policy

City encourages residents to prepare for winter Guelph, ON, November 24, 2015—City Council approved a policy for frozen water pipes at last night’s Council meeting. The Frozen Water Pipe Policy was developed by staff following last winter’s unforeseen issues with frozen pipes when 376 customers were affected. In a typical year, less than twenty customers are affected by this issue. “The new policy identifies the response actions and  service the City will provide for customers with frozen pipes,” said Wayne Galliher, Manager of Technical Services. “Last winter we quickly developed and continued to adjust support resources in response to the record numbers of frozen water pipe reports we received. We have improved, clarified and formalized the support options through the policy, which will form our… Continue reading Council approves Frozen Water Pipe Policy