Arkell Spring Grounds

Arkell Spring Grounds Monitoring Program

The City of Guelph obtains a portion of its municipal water supply from the Arkell Spring Grounds located in the northeast corner of the Township of Puslinch.

Over the last several years, as part of conditions for a Class Environmental Assessment, the City has been conducting extensive investigations and monitoring programs to increase its water taking from two new bedrock wells and three existing bedrock wells in the Arkell Spring Grounds.

The City has constructed new pumphouses and related infrastructure to support the additional water taking and increased pumping began in July 2011. To monitor the effects of the increased water taking, the City implemented a comprehensive groundwater and surface water monitoring program in the area of the Arkell Spring Grounds and Blue Springs Creek. The monitoring program began in January 2011 and will continue for a period of three and a half years.


Arkell Adaptive Management Plan – 2012 Annual Monitoring Report Arkell Adaptive Management Plan – 2011 Annual Monitoring Report