Snow removal

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Plow Tracker

What the Plow Tracker shows

blue circle with white arrow inside City plows
Red circle with white arrow insideSidewalk plows
green circle with white arrow inside Contractor plows
thick blue linePrimary roads
thin blue lineSecondary roads
thin green lineResidential roads

The City works hard to keep our roads safe and clear of snow and ice. During residential plow outs, Plow Tracker shows City and contractor plows work together to clear roads. On other days, Plow Tracker shows City plows doing regular winter road maintenance like using salt, sand, and brine to keep the roads clear of ice. Plow tracker also shows primary, secondary roads and residential roads.

The City plows primary roads first, then secondary roads. Residential roads are plowed after at least eight centimetres of snow. Residential plow outs are typically completed within 24 hours after the snowfall stops. 

Please wait 24 hours to report a problem spot

When it snows, the City plows. We appreciate your patience as we work as quickly as possible to clear away snow and ice. Learn more about how the City prioritizes roads and sidewalks for winter maintenance, and report problem spots.


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