Request a tree

A healthy urban forest improves our quality of life. Trees, plants and shrubs help clean the air, conserve energy, increase property values, and make Guelph’s neighbourhoods more beautiful and enjoyable.

Guelph is working to maximize the health and size of its urban forest, and is committed to having the highest tree canopy among comparable municipalities. To succeed, the City, residents, businesses and community partners must work together to increase the size and health of Guelph’s urban forest. You can request a tree on City owned municipal land. Tree selection will require a site visit to determine species and variety.

Tree concerns and requests are addressed on both a priority and scheduling basis. Inspections will be completed within 10 to 15 business days. Approved work is then prioritized. Due to an existing back log low priority work may take 18 months to complete. To report an issue you will require the following information:

  • name of the street
  • municipal (building) number
  • name of the nearest cross-street

Request a tree

Greening Guelph

Greening Guelph is a donation program to increase the green canopy in Guelph. This program has been designed to complement, not compete, with other community initiatives.

This program will augment the existing plantings that currently happen through the City’s annual plan.

Learn more about Greening Guelph