Delegations and comments

How to address Committee of the Whole or Council

You have an opportunity to provide information and express your view in relation to a matter appearing on a Committee of the Whole or Council meeting agenda. The following is a process which must be followed in order to appear as a delegation at a Committee of the Whole or Council meeting or to have written correspondence included as part of an agenda.

All delegations must:

  • Register with the City Clerk’s Office prior to the prescribed deadline (with the exception of delegations appearing at statutory public meetings)
  • Only register themselves to speak and may not register other delegates.
  • Relate to an item appearing on an agenda.
  • Stay within the prescribed five minute time limitation (ten minutes is granted to delegations appearing at statutory public meetings)

Delegations shall not:

  • Occur for the sole purpose of generating publicity.
  • Relate to litigation or potential litigation or to any matter which is currently before any court or administrative tribunal affecting the City.
  • Make detrimental comments, or speak ill of, or malign the integrity of staff, the public or Council and Committee.

Public broadcasting of Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings

All Committee of the Whole and Council meetings held in the Council Chambers are recorded and may be broadcasted via the Rogers Cable Network and made available on the City’s website.  Delegates appearing before Committee or Council may have their image or voice viewed or heard as part of this broadcast.  In addition, your name and comments, including any materials submitted, will become part of the public record.

How do I register as a delegate or submit written comments?

Committee of the Whole and Council meeting agendas are generally published on the Thursday two weeks preceding the meeting. If the topic is scheduled to appear on an agenda, you may register and provide written materials/presentations by the Tuesday two weeks prior to the Committee of the Whole or Council meeting in order to be included on the published agenda.  Individuals can also delegate on an item included on an agenda if the registration is received by the final deadline – 10 a.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting (Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. if City Hall is closed on the Friday for a holiday observance).

Written comments and presentations (including PowerPoint presentations) received by the final deadline at 10 a.m. the Friday prior to the meeting (Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. if City Hall is closed on the Friday for a holiday observance) hall be included on the consolidated agenda and distributed to Committee and Council members.

Delegations shall not be accepted for Notices of Motion appearing on Council, Council Planning, or Committee of the Whole agenda or any motion resulting from a Notice of Motion which is in the form of a referral to Committee of the Whole.

Delegations will have the opportunity to register to delegate at the Committee of the Whole, if Council refers the motion to Committee of the Whole for Consideration.

Matters not appearing on a forthcoming agenda

If the topic is not related to an item on a forthcoming agenda:

  1. You may submit a letter to the City Clerks Office detailing your concerns and the actions you would like Council to consider;
  2. Clerks staff will forward your material to the appropriate Chair, Deputy CAO and staff for consultation to determine if the item will be included on a future agenda;
  3. Clerks staff will advise the Requestor on the status of the request;
  4. If the request has been granted, Clerks staff will notify the Requestor of next steps.

Submitting a Request to Delegate to the Clerk’s Office

For convenience and efficiency, members of the public interested in delegating to Committee or Council are encouraged to submit their request via the online delegation form.  If uploading documents, the file size must be less than 20MB in size.

Submit an online delegation form

The following methods may also be used to notify the Clerk’s Office to request to appear as a delegation or submit written comments:

  1. Phone the City Clerk’s Department at 519-837-5603 or TTY 519-826-9771
  2. Email a completed delegation form. The completed form should be e-mailed to with any supplementary information (i.e. presentation slides, etc.). Documents sent via e-mail must be less than 20MB in size.
  3. Submit a written request to the City Clerk:
  • By email at
  • In person to the ServiceGuelph Counter at City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph
  • By regular mail or courier to Guelph City Clerk, 1 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A1

Receipt of Confirmation

You will receive confirmation of registration as a delegate or that your written comments have been accepted if your contact information is provided.

What happens after I submit my request to delegate or delegation materials?

Upon receipt of the Delegation Request form, delegates will receive a reply confirming acknowledgement of their delegation request and directions related to delegation procedures at the meeting.  Delegations are listed on the agenda in the order they are received.

Delegation procedures

  1. Delegates are granted 5 minutes to address Committee of the Whole or Council (with the exception of statutory public meetings). The time allotted to delegates does not include responses to questions of delegates.
  2. If you are appearing on behalf of a larger group, such as a neighbourhood group, advise the Clerk’s Office. Larger groups are encouraged to select a spokesperson to make their presentation.
  3. If a delegate is unable to attend the meeting for which they are registered, they may provide their written submission to the Clerk.

Personal information: as defined by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and in accordance with the provisions of MFIPPA. Personal information collected in relation to materials submitted for an agenda will be used to acknowledge receipt, however, please be aware that your name is subject to disclosure by way of publication of the agenda. If you have questions about this collection; use, and disclosure of this information, contact the City of Guelph’s Program Manager – Information, Privacy and Elections at 519-822-1260 extension 2605 or