Guelph Transit Route 19 Hanlon Creek


Route 19 schedule effective December 5, 2022 (google sheet)

On-demand flex service on Teal Drive

Route 19 Hanlon Creek offers flexible service in the Teal Drive area. The route operates as a fixed route between Clair Road and Gordon Street, and Hanlon Creek Boulevard and Bett Court.

On regular trips, the route will wait at the Bett Court cul-de-sac for five minutes before returning to Clair and Gordon. Riders can book a flex trip using the app that will allow them to be picked up or dropped off in the Teal Drive area during that five-minute window using the same bus, every 30 minutes. There is no additional cost to take a flex trip; use regular transit fare for the ride.

Flex trips are available during conventional service hours Monday to Saturday 5:45 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. and Sunday 9:15 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.

If you’re using flex service to travel outside of the Teal Drive neighbourhood

The app only recognizes flex trips within the Teal Drive area. The app may direct you to board a bus at Hanlon Creek and Bett for a pickup, or to get off the bus at Teal and Bett. If you begin your trip earlier on the route or will end your trip further along the route, you do not need to change buses. Add a note to the special instructions in the app or tell your driver when boarding that you’re using the flex service to travel outside the flex service area.

Service cancellations

Cancellations are posted on social media only. Check Twitter or Facebook regularly.

Service advisories

Current advisories

No current service interruptions

Upcoming advisories

No upcoming service interruptions

Route description

Route 19 may operate as a flex route from Hanlon Creek at Bett westbound.

From Clair at Gordon westbound stop:

  • West on Clair Road West
  • Right on Laird Road
  • Left on Quarterman Road
  • Left on Cooper Drive
  • Continue on Hanlon Creek Boulevard
  • End at Hanlon Creek at Bett westbound stop

Flex route from Hanlon Creek at Bett westbound stop:

  • Right on Downey Road
  • Right on Teal Drive
  • Left on Bett Court
  • End at Bett at Teal southbound stop
  • Route returns to fixed route at this point

From Bett at Teal southbound stop:

  • Left on Hanlon Creek Boulevard
  • Left on Laird Road
  • Continue on Clair Road West
  • Left on Gosling Gardens
  • End at Gosling Gardens at Clair northbound stop


Route 19 map
Route 19 Hanlon Creek map

Transferring at Gosling Gardens at Clair northbound stop

Route 19 Hanlon Creek will become Route 99 Mainline northbound when arriving at Gosling Gardens at Clair northbound.

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