Route 20 detour: May 14 to 18, 2018

Water Services is performing construction at 60 Malcolm Rd for a water pipe and fire hydrant installation. Construction is expected to begin on or about May 14, and will take approximately one week to complete, weather permitting.

The construction will affect Route 20 Northwest Industrial and the route will detour as outlined below.


  • Elmira Road outbound
  • Turn left on to Woodlawn Road West
  • Turn left on to Michener Road
  • Turn left on to Massey Road
  • Continue on route

Inbound: Current route.

The following stops will not be in service:

  • Governors Road at Woodlawn Road West northbound, Stop ID 2016
  • Malcolm Road at Michener Road eastbound, Stop ID 2017
  • 30 Malcolm Road eastbound, Stop ID 2018
  • Malcolm Road at Elmira eastbound, Stop ID 2019 

Temporary stop:

  • Woodlawn Road West at Michener Road