Stormwater management ponds: 2017 maintenance

Hilldale Crescent, Milson Crescent and Elmira Road North

The City of Guelph is hiring a contractor to do stormwater pond maintenance at three stormwater management ponds in Guelph this year.

Stormwater pond maintenance starts September 11

We expect to begin working at the stormwater management ponds on or about September 11, 2017. All maintenance work will about two months to complete. The following ponds will undergo maintenance this year:

  1. Hilldale Crescent pond
  2. Milson Crescent pond: the trail access point on Milson near the east end of Berry Drive will be closed during pond maintenance; please access the trail at the west end of Berry Drive
  3. Elmira Road North pond

What to expect

Vehicles and machinery will be on site during the project. Some noise should be expected during working hours (Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–7 p.m.)

We will be removing sediment and some plants. Plants play an important role in stormwater management ponds and only invasive species or plants that interfere with how the pond works will be removed.

The City has hired an aquatic biologist to find wildlife in the pond before any work is done. Wildlife will be collected and rehomed in suitable habitat within the City of Guelph.

Why we do this work

Image shows a pond before stormwater pond maintenance that is completely obscured by vegetation, and after maintenance, cleared of overgrown vegetation, and after maintenance it is visible with aquatic plants along the pond edge

Before and after stormwater pond maintenence

Stormwater management ponds help prevent floods and reduce pollution in Guelph’s rivers and waterways. The ponds collect rain water and melted snow runoff from roofs, roads, driveways and lawns.

The City carries out maintenance of stormwater management ponds to make sure they continue to work properly. Maintenance is done at all ponds across Guelph on a rotating basis.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation during this important work. Any updates about this project will be posted on

City services

There will be no interruption to any City services during maintenance work. All work takes place on City property.

Stormwater pond maintenence at the Elmira Road pond has been funded in part through the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Program.

For more information

Arun Hindupur, Supervisor, Infrastructure Engineering
Engineering Services, Engineering and Capital Infrastructure Services
519-822-1260 extension 2282