See a grey fire hydrant? It’s okay, it’s just waiting for a new coat.

Some of Guelph’s fire hydrants are getting a new coat of paint this year.

Each year the City repaints about 350 fire hydrants based on ongoing inspections. We remove old paint and rust from the hydrants before they are primed with grey paint and repainted with a fresh coat of yellow and green.

What to expect

There are no impacts to traffic or water service during the repainting. People living near selected hydrants may hear noise from the air compressor and needle gun used for paint removal.

While paint spills are unlikely, we have plans in place to protect people, pets, wildlife, storm drains, Guelph’s source water, and the environment in the event of a spill.

Why the new coat?

Fresh paint keeps Guelph’s fire hydrants in good shape and makes them easier for Guelph Fire, City staff, and the public to see.

For more information

Water Services
City of Guelph
[email protected]