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Are you looking for ways to have a beautiful landscape without spending hours of time, water and money? A Healthy Landscape visit can help you reduce the demands of your landscape without sacrificing beauty. During the visit, you’ll learn:

  • Fun, easy ways to help you incorporate the latest gardening trends
  • How to create a low-maintenance beautiful garden
  • What plants will work best with your garden’s conditions
  • About dazzling plant combinations that are easy to grow and maintain
  • How to water your lawn and garden for best results
  • How to identify pest problems and how to deal with them
  • How to attract pollinators to your garden
  • How to conserve energy by planting a tree in the right location and apply to the tree rebate program

Healthy Landscape advisors can also share how to get a rebate to build a rain garden and best ways to start a new garden or mulching practices. Once the visit is complete, you’ll get a free report with recommendations specific to your garden.

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