Fire hydrant testing has started throughout Guelph

The City has started testing over 2,700 fire hydrants across Guelph and will be checking hydrants continuously throughout the year. Testing starts in the south end of Guelph and will continue to move north.

What to expect from fire hydrant testing

  • There will be no disruption to water service
  • No chemicals are used in fire hydrant testing
  • Residents living near a tested fire hydrant may experience a short period of discoloured water

Drinking small amounts of discoloured water is unlikely to cause health issues. However, the City recommends waiting until water runs clear before drinking it. Run a cold water tap for five to fifteen minutes until the water runs clear.

Why we test fire hydrants

Fire hydrant testing helps protect our community by ensuring hydrants are in proper working order when needed for fire suppression.

The cause of discoloured water

Discoloured water occurs when minerals naturally present in Guelph’s groundwater combine with chlorine to form small rust particles. These particles settle on the bottom water mains and pipes. When testing hydrants, high-pressure water flows can disrupt the settled particles causing discoloured water.

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