Service Modernization Program

Customer Service Framework

The Customer Service Framework, once it’s developed, will give customers the same great customer service experience in whatever way they choose to connect with us; in person, over the phone or online. Some of the anticipated parts of the framework will include; employee training; clear standards; a call centre; and a citizen relationship management (CRM) technology solution. This initiative will also help us efficiently manage the City’s customer service interactions with citizens or business, making their experience faster, seamless and more satisfying.

Digital Services

A key part of open government is to serve citizens in the ways that they expect to be served. More and more, people expect to access our services digitally, by computer or smart phone. The myGuelph project is building a digital one stop shop for accessing our services, information and opportunities to participate. It’s a big opportunity to modernize how our services work internally by improving processes and creating new tools that enable us to work smarter and get better data about our users for planning and reporting purposes.

Accountability and Performance Management Framework

Being accountable to citizens and business means ensuring the services we deliver are planned appropriately, performing well and making the best use of tax dollars for community impact. It also means we are open about our performance and when our services encounter difficulties we act quickly and transparently to solve the problem. Working this way can help increase the trust citizens have in their government. The framework will build on good practices already in the City and provide a clear set of expectations, continuous improvement processes, performance dashboards and employee training.

Service Reviews

Service reviews examine the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of City services to ensure resources are allocated to achieve the best outcomes for the City, meet the needs of the community and support long-term sustainability. The Service Review Framework provides guidance, tools, business processes and support to conduct reviews at any level of the organization from corporate wide services to department specific processes. Service reviews are an important part of ongoing continuous improvement activity, through which the City is able to continue to deliver services efficiently and effectively and demonstrate value for money.

The Improvement Network

The Improvement Network is a collaboration of City improvement programs and practitioners who work together to build a culture of innovation. Their goal is to support employees to take full advantage of the programs, tools and methods available. The network consists of the Innovation Fund, the Civic Accelerator, Business Process Management, Round Tables and the Guelph Lab. The network aims to provide learning opportunities, problem-solving expertise and peer-to-peer support.