Mico Valeriote Park preferred concept design

During the engagement process to date, the community has provided feedback with respect to each concept, and selected program elements and park features from all three concepts.

A fourth, hybrid concept has been designed to reflect the needs of the City and feedback from the public. Building on the original three concepts, the preferred concept plan contains the following design features:

  • Perimeter 3.0 metre wide asphalt pathway (10 metre setback from property lines)
  • Secondary 1.83 metre wide concrete pathways
  • Junior and senior playground spaces (20 metre setback from property lines)
  • Increased seating
  • Increased site furnishings (trash receptacles, bike rack)
  • Shade shelter with seating
  • New plantings for shade
  • Naturalization planting areas (5 metre setback from property lines)
  • Areas for relaxation and quiet contemplation
  • Open grass areas for active non-programmed recreation
  • Water pump feature