Ferndale Park Redevelopment Master Plan

About the Park

Ferndale Park is approximately 2.35 acres in size located at 31 Ferndale Avenue north east of Woodlawn Rd E and Victoria Rd N. The park is accessible from the existing municipal sidewalk along Ferndale Ave and through a walkway connection from Woodlawn Rd E.

The park is surrounded by homes on three sides and has full street frontage on one side. Following the redevelopment, Ferndale park now features:

  • free play area
  • children’s playground
  • 1/2 basketball court
  • asphalt pathways
  • seating and picnic table
  • renewed trees
Ferndale Park Master Plan

About the Redevelopment Master Plan

Construction Notice – June 2010

Public Consultation

In February of 2009 a questionnaire was mailed to the residents in the area to assess the needs of the neighbourhood. The survey was also advertised in the City News pages of the Guelph Tribune and posted on the City’s website.

Respondents indicated the following priorities

  • Make a safe and functional park by removing the existing Hawthorn trees (large thorns on the branches)
  • Relocation of play area closer to the street
  • Installation of new play equipment
  • Open space/mowed grass for free play
  • Seating areas/picnic area
  • Removal of berms to increase sightlines into and out of the park
  • Pruning of coniferous trees to create sightlines into the park and through the walkway connection
  • Addition of half basketball court, path ways and shade trees

Tree Inventory and Assessment Report

The City hired Aboud and Associates Inc. (Consulting Arborists, Ecologists and Landscape Designers) to prepare a Tree Inventory and Assessment Report and a Tree Preservation Plan. A draft report was prepared by Aboud and Associates Inc. recommending 14 trees be removed due to low ratings of biological health and/or structural condition. Some of those trees are documented with severe or moderate trunk decay and their immediate removal is recommended. Other trees have been assigned high hazard ratings due to other severe deficiencies.

Proposed Redevelopment Master Plan

The proposed Master Plan has been prepared on the basis of the responses received through the survey and the Tree Inventory and Assessment Report prepared by Aboud and Associates Inc.

Proposed Redevelopment Master Plan/map

The proposed Redevelopment Master Plan includes the following elements

  • 24 new shade and deciduous trees of appropriate species
  • Locate play equipment closer to Ferndale Ave for increased visibility and safety
  • Children’s play area with combination Junior and Senior play structure, swings, wood mulch safety surfacing and concrete curb
  • Mowed grass area for Informal/ Free Play/ mini soccer field
  • Half Basketball Court
  • Asphalt Pathways
  • New deciduous trees
  • Seating area
  • Picnic area
  • Site Furniture: Benches, Picnic Tables, Trash Receptacles and Bike Rack

The Master Plan proposal includes the following removals

  • Partial removal of the existing berm located along Ferndale Avenue,
  • Full removal of the rear berm located in the middle of the park,
  • Removal of 18 trees including 14 trees with low ratings of biological health and /or structural condition, 1 invasive tree (Norway Maple) located on the front berm and 3 Hawthorn trees)