How we’re modernizing City services

Hi Guelph, we’re developing a digital one-stop-shop called myGuelph so you can get access services, information and opportunities to participate in City decision-making.

We’re asking you, your neighbours, non-profit agencies and business leaders what digital services you want the City to offer.

This year we’ll develop and launch up to two new digital services. The comprehensive myGuelph platform will include a variety of new and existing digital services and will be ready in 2018.

What kind of services are we talking about? Here are some examples:

Examples of digital services provided by the City of Guelph or other municipalities include:

  • Online or mobile issue reporting
  • Mobile friendly tools for taking transit, paying for parking etc.
  • Tools that create simple images from big data, such as budgets
  • Interactive maps
  • Tools to understand council business