Corporate Energy Management Plan

About Corporate Energy

Guelph’s Corporate Energy division is responsible for City utilities use, which includes all electricity, natural gas, water and district energy consumed by City facilities. In 2016, the City-wide budget for utilities was $9.3 million.

Corporate Energy’s mandate includes four goals:

  1. Use less. Consume less energy by implementing energy efficiency improvements, like replacing old-style lighting with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology.
  2. Make more. Produce more energy on site from renewable sources, like sunlight and biogas.
  3. Use it more wisely. Think about energy holistically, and implement technologies like Combined Heat and Power to fulfill more than one need with the same energy source.
  4. Reduce costs. Eliminate unnecessary spending, such as errors in energy bills, and implement technologies which help minimize energy-related costs such as demand charges, power factor charges, and rates which change through the day.

About the Plan

What is the Corporate Energy Management Plan?

The Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) is a policy document that guides Guelph’s approach to improving energy management and avoiding energy-related costs. It fulfills a key part of the Province of Ontario’s Green Energy Act which states that “A public agency shall prepare, publish, make available to the public and implement energy conservation and demand management plans…”

Corporate Energy Business Plan – 2013 to 2018

Guelph City Council approved the CEMP in 2012, showing leadership on energy matters in support of the Community Energy Initiative.

Connection to the Community Energy Initiative

Guelph’s Corporate Energy division supports the goals of the Community Energy Initiative by implementing the CEMP and monitoring energy consumed by all City-owned properties.

Facility Energy Retrofit Program

A key component of the CEMP is the implementation of energy retrofits at City owned and operated facilities. Since September 2013, the City has completed eight facility retrofits:

  1. Retrofit of Guelph Transit garage including a destratification fan, high-bay fluorescent lighting, exterior LED (light-emitting diode) lighting and occupancy sensors (June 2014)
  2. Retrofit of 45 and 50 Municipal Street including lighting, heat and light controls, unit heaters and a heat recovery ventilator (March 2015)
  3. Retrofit of Evergreen Seniors Community Centre including LED lighting and destratification fans in the gymnasium (October 2015)
  4. Retrofit of Sleeman Centre including LED lighting and ice plant compressor replacement and controls (December 2015)
  5. LED lighting retrofits at West End Community Centre pool (December 2015)
  6. LED lighting retrofits at Guelph Public Library West End Branch (January 2016)
  7. LED lighting retrofits over the ice pads at West End Community Centre (April 2016)
  8. LED lighting retrofits at River Run Centre (September 2016)

Required reporting

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change requires the City of Guelph to report on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis.

84 KBCity of Guelph energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission data (2012-2017)

Reporting on renewable energy

In July 2014, the Province added legislation that requires municipalities to have an energy conservation and demand management plan, Ontario Regulation 397/11, part of the Green Energy Act. Guelph’s CEMP meets these requirements, except for reporting on renewable energy production. Renewable energy reporting details are provided below.

Guelph has nine solar photovoltaic systems on City owned or operated sites. These provide over 80 megawatt-hours (MWh) of carbon-free electricity per year to Guelph Hydro.

  1. Guelph Fire Headquarters (50 Wyndham Street South)
  2. Fire Hall #3 (115 Stone Road West)
  3. Fire Hall #5 (380 Elizabeth Street)
  4. Guelph’s Operations Department Building (45 Municipal Street)
  5. River Run Centre (35 Woolwich Street)
  6. Speedvale Water Tower (465 Speedvale Avenue West)
  7. Guelph Lawn Bowling Club (114 Gordon Street)
  8. Lyon Pool Utility Building (301 York Road) – to be connected in late 2016
  9. Guelph Youth Music Centre (75 Cardigan Street)

The City of Guelph has solar hot water systems at four sites, capable of producing over 27MWh per year of carbon-free heat energy for on-site use:

  1. Guelph Transit garage (170 Watson Road)
  2. Clair Road Emergency Services Centre (160 Clair Rd West)
  3. Guelph Fire Headquarters (50 Wyndham Street South)
  4. River Run Centre (35 Woolwich Street)

The Clair Road Emergency Services Centre has a 6.6kW wind turbine capable of producing an estimated 12MWh of carbon-free electricity per year for on-site use.

For more information

Bryan Ho-Yan, Program Manager, Corporate Energy
Facilities Management
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