Councillor Dan Gibson

Dan Gibson was elected a member of Guelph City Council representing Ward 1 in 2014.

Dan is a Senior Environmental Scientist with Ontario Power Generation. He holds a B.Sc. from Trent University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto.

Dan has served as a guest lecturer at Carleton University’s School of Environment and is a published author of leading Environmental Best Management Practices. He currently sits on two national working groups focused on increasing industry compliance with federal environmental legislation and has experience in land use planning and provincial/federal Environmental Assessments. In 2013, Dan spoke on behalf of the Canadian Electrical Association at a Federal House Environment Study in Ottawa on the development of a National Conservation Plan for Canada. Throughout his 15-year career in both the private and public sectors, he has worked with stakeholders from all viewpoints to balance the many social, economic, and environmental aspects of complex issues.

Dan and his wife Katherine are proud parents of two young boys (Luke and Marcus), are both volunteer child advocates with an International Children’s Aid Organization, and are committed financial partners of Lakeside’s Hope House in Downtown Guelph.

Elected Councillor in 2014
Ward 1

Contact Information

Phone: 519-822-1260 x 2502
Mobile: 519-827-6407