Timelines for special event organizers

This guideline is for timing purposes only. Additional requirements or conditions may be required for event organizers.

December 6 or date posted

  • Submit Special Event and Road Closure Applications with site/route map.
  • Booking and event coordinator to confirm receipt of application. Application fees due.

January 31 or date posted

  • Sign facility rental contract and return with damage/security deposits

Four months (120 days)

  • Submit your Alcohol Risk Management Policy Questionnaire if your event is licensed
  • If Council approval is required – submit request for Fireworks/Alcohol/Noise Exemption
  • Book sign at Riverside Park
  • Contact Tourism Services for website listings/promotion and accommodation needs
  • Coordinate details of Guelph Water Wagon with Water Services

Three months (90 days)

  • Alcohol Risk Management Policy – Sign Special Occasion Permit Holder Agreement Form
  • Book Pay Duty Officers
  • Develop Waste Management Plan with Waste Services

Two months (60 days)

  • Fundraising – raffle, bingo , 50/50, etc – Submit Lottery License application
  • Onsite meeting to confirm layout and infrastructure requirements (ie fencing, electrical, water etc.)
  • Obtain Special Occasion Permit from LCBO or Catering Endorsement from caterer
  • Selling or serving food (public events): submit Special Event  Organiser to the Health Unit
  • Large event BBQ’s: Notify Fire Department

One month (30 days)

  • Develop First Aid Services and Emergency Plan
  • Submit listing of electrical equipment to City event coordinator. Book Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection if required.
  • Tents: Building permit application and Fire Department approval
  • Proof of insurance and signed waiver for all events
  • Apply for Business License if required
  • Obtain utility locates for any object that will penetrate the ground

Two weeks (14 days)

  • Food Vendors to submit Special Event Vendor Application to Health Unit
  • Proof of Licenses, Permits, List of Alcohol Monitors, Certificates & Approvals, TSSA Permits
  • Provide City with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) permit number, if required
  • Payment of all facility fees

Day of event

  • Pre-event onsite inspection: to be coordinated with event coordinator
  • Onsite electrical inspection: City staff must be present
  • Post event on site inspection: to be scheduled with City event coordinator

Post event

  • Post event evaluation meeting

For more information

This information is for timing purposes only – additional requirements or conditions may be required for event organizers.

  • For events at the River Run Centre please contact 519-837-5662 extension 2804
  • For events at the Sleeman Centre please contact 519-822-4900 extension 2844