Pet ownership tips

Winter pet safety
Keep pets safe from cold weather dangers.

10 good reasons to leash your dog

Your dog is much safer on a leash… and it prevents him or her from becoming a nuisance to other animals and people. Also, leased dogs rarely run away, or get hit by cars.

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Lost pet recovery

Where to report missing pets

As loving and devoted pet owners, we rarely expect to lose a pet. Yet each year, more than 10 million pets go missing in North

America and more than 75 percent never return home.

The simple truth is that it only takes an instant for a pet to go missing – a door or gate left open, a car accident, or one of many other unforeseen events.

Thankfully, you can help protect your pets by understanding lost pet behaviour, effective search tactics and critical loss prevention techniques.

Lost pet recovery 101

Keeping cats safe
Outside risks to unsupervised cats and the impact of roaming cats on communities