Parking regulations

Parking restrictions in Guelph are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the By-Law Compliance Officers. Various City by-laws including the Traffic, Fire Route, Accessible Parking, Private Parking and Municipal Lot Bylaws regulate the parking of vehicles on-street and on private land. The parking restrictions may or may not be signed.
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Parking spaces designated for use by people with a disability

Sign with a capital P with a red circle with a cross through it above a wheelchair with the text 'By permit only'

Accessible parking spaces are for people with a disability who display a valid Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Accessible Parking Permit while parked in an accessible parking space.  Those without a valid MTO Accessible Parking Permit will be fined $350 if found parking in a designate accessible parking space.

School Zones

Regular enforcement of all parking bylaws is being conducted at all areas surrounding city schools. Please remember to watch for and obey the signs illustrated below. The controls have been established for the safety of all children and will be strictly enforced by the City of Guelph Parking Enforcement Officers.

Yellow pentagon sign with a boy and girl walking
This sign is erected to warn motorists of an approaching school and the presence of many children who may be crossing the roadway at any point and time.

No Parking Zone

Square sign with a capital P with a red circle and line through it. Black arrows point in the direction where there is no parking
The standing of a vehicle in No Parking zones is only permitted when actually engaged in loading or unloading of passengers or goods. Should you need to unload in a no parking zone, great care and caution should be used.

No Stopping Zone

A square white sign with a solid black octagon with a red circle and line through it. Black areas point in the direction of the no stopping zone
These signs prohibit the stopping of a vehicle for any reason. No stopping zones are implemented for the safety of your children.

Park Smart… know the rules

  1. Do not park in areas marked No Parking or Public Loading unless actually engaged in the loading or unloading of passengers or goods. Please have four-way flashers on. Public Loading zones are limited to 15 minutes.
  2. No parking or stopping at any time in a No Stopping zone.
  3. Bus Stops are only for authorized buses. No parking or stopping of any vehicle is allowed.
  4. Vehicle must be parked at least 3 metres (118 inches) from a fire hydrant.
  5. Vehicle must be parked at least 1 metre (39 inches) from a driveway or laneway.
  6. Do not park a vehicle with wheels further than .3 metres (11 inches) from the curb or on the wrong side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
  7. Do not park on any sidewalk, or grass or seeded boulevard or in a driveway parallel to the road.
  8. Do not leave vehicle parked in excess of 18 consecutive hours in downtown parking lots or 48 consecutive hours in the East or West Parkades or on any city street.
  9. Vehicles in a space reserved for the physically disabled must have a visible Provincial Permit. (Parking fees must be paid).
  10. Motorcycles in the Baker Street Parking lot must park only in designated spaces next to the exit gate.
  11. Do not park a vehicle in a non-designated area, or in any aisle or roadway, or using 2 spaces.
  12. Parking permits must be visible and the vehicle parked in designated permit parking.
  13. What’s a PPV? It’s a Perfectly Parked Vehicle!