College Avenue protected cycling infrastructure

About the project

The City of Guelph is working to design and construct protected cycling infrastructure on the north and south side of College Avenue from Janefield Avenue to Dundas Lane.

This project supports the planning and policies found within the City’s Cycling Master PlanTransportation Master Plan and Official Plan to encourage and support healthy, safe and convenient modes of transportation within our community. The design and implementation of the project is guided by the feasibility study and concept design that we developed as part of the Protected Cycling Network Study.

We are upgrading the cycling infrastructure from on-road bike lanes to all ages and abilities (AAA) facilities. The 2.75 kilometre corridor will feature cycle tracks between Edinburgh Road and Gordon Street, and protected bike lanes from Janefield Avenue to Edinburgh Road and from Gordon Street to Dundas Lane.

Four intersections will be upgraded to become protected intersections: Scottsdale Drive, Edinburgh Road, Gordon Street and East Ring Road. Protected intersections separate motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians into separated paths to navigate the intersection, providing safe passage for each group with minimal conflict points.

During construction, sections of existing watermain and sanitary sewer will be replaced. Upgrading the watermain and sanitary sewers ensures we can support our community as the population grows.

Community engagement

City hosts open houses to provide detailed project information. Planned community engagement will take place in fall 2023. Open house notices are posted in the Latest updates section below. Open house materials will be available in this section following the event.

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Construction timeline

Construction is expected to start in 2024 and will be completed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Edinburgh to Gordon (2024)
  • Phase 2: Janefield to Edinburgh (2025)
  • Phase 3: Gordon to East Ring Road (2025)

Map of the construction area

All construction notices, including timing updates and traffic changes, will be posted at and in the Latest updates section below.</ br></ br>

For more information

Please contact one of our project team members if you have questions or comments, or would like to be added to the project mailing list.

Andrew Miller, Project Engineer
Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 3608
[email protected]