Step-by-step assistance on the go

Guelph Transit has collaborated with Magnusmode to share a free mobile app/website which teaches life skills to persons with disabilities, including those which are specific to riding the bus in Guelph.

Magnusmode card deck featuring Guelph Transit

Riding the bus should be easy. To make sure that everyone has easy access, Guelph Transit and Magnusmode have teamed up to provide free step by step transit information, specific to Guelph, for persons with a disability.

Users can view five unique card decks on the mobile devices listed below as well as on using a desktop computer. These include:

  • How to buy tickets and passes
  • Riding the bus
  • Riding the bus with your wheelchair
  • How to transfer buses
  • Getting help and having a safe, comfortable ride


Use your mobile device

Use your desktop


About MagnusCards mobile app

MagnusCards is a mobile app designed to support people who have autism and other cognitive special needs in the real world. MagnusCards enables users to collect and create digital social stories that break down tasks and challenges into more manageable steps. Each ‘Card Deck’ created includes up to ten steps with picture, audio and text descriptions that can be customized to fit the unique needs of every individual.

981 kBMagnus Cards app Instruction Guide