Cycling shops, organizations and programs

Guelph cycling shops

Shop Description
Backpeddling Bike shop (central Guelph)
Bits Bikes and Boards Downtown bike shop: 519-824-0866
Braun’s … is bicycles Bike shop (North end)
Core Cycle Bicycle maintenance including bike pick-up and delivery.
Paramount for Bikes Bike shop
Speed River Bicycle Downtown bike shop
True North Cycles Custom bicycle manufacturer
Wike Bicycle Trailers Bicycle trailer manufacturer
Winterborne Bicycles Provides professional-level bike mechanic courses

Guelph cycling organizations

Organization  Description
Central Students Association Bike Centre A do-it-yourself bicycle repair space for students at the University of Guelph
GOTbike (Guelph On the Bike) Cycling advocacy group working to increase trips by bike by hosting local events and engagement opportunities.ride on Sidewalk
Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association (GORBA)  Teach the rules of the road and cycling skills, knowledge tested
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) A citizen-led advocacy group that promotes cycling, walking and other active modes of transportation in Guelph. E-mail
Guelph Triathlon Club Triathlon Training Club
Speed River Cycling Club Cycling Club with frequent group rides
Transition Guelph A community group working to transition from an oil dependent society

Guelph cycling programs

 Program  Description
CAN_Bike Level 4 – Advanced Cycling Skills (See current recreation guide for available courses) Canada’s only accredited cycling training, CAN-Bike Level 4 is designed for those who have cycling experience and want to increase knowledge of how to ride effectively in all types of city environments. This is the standard course for adults taking leadership roles within their communities, such as Police, tour leaders and cycling instructors. It is taught through classroom and on-bike instruction. This is a prerequisite for the CAN-Bike Instructor course.
Critical Mass Guelph (CSA Bike Centre)  A monthly demonstration to increase awareness of cyclists on the road
Guelph Police Bike Safety Assembly
Junior Kindergarten To Grade 3
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 Assembly covers safe riding, wearing a helmet and required equipment.
Guelph Police Bike Safety Assembly
Grades 4 to 6
Teaches the rules of the road and cycling skills, knowledge tested
Guelph Police Bike Rodeo Day-long cycling skills contest available to all grade 4-6 students who passed the safety knowledge test
Community environmental leadership programs (CELP) (Upper Grand District School Board) Five day biking unit with a one day defensive cycling education program. This is part of a Grade 10 – 4 credit environmental high school course.
TERRA (Wellington Catholic District School Board) A Civics course includes a cycling component where students will examine the city’s municipal plan to encourage active living and this eco-friendly mode of transportation. Cycling trips will take students to visit various people and places within Guelph and meet local individuals who are social, environmental and civic leaders.
Weekly Youth Rides (GORBA) Youth participate in 30 scheduled rides per year with instruction by an adult certified mountain bike instructor and other chaperones
1 Day Youth Camp (GORBA) Kids are separated into small groups and learn safe riding, sharing the trails and reducing environmental. Trail rides follow.
Adult Mountain Bike Clinic (GORBA) 4 lessons geared towards new mountain bikers with emphasis on safety and basic trail riding skills
Adult Mountain Bike Clinic (GORBA)  4 lessons geared towards new mountain bikers with emphasis on safety and basic trail riding skills
Women’s Clinic (GORBA) Similar to adult clinics, but for women only
Learn To Ride (Speed River Bicycle) Weekly group ride teaches etiquette and techniques of riding in a group
Hard Ride (Speed River Bicycle) Weekly group ride that trains at a high level