Getting Guelph to go by bike

Every day, people travel across the city to work, to school, to shop or to visit. Most of those trips are less than five kilometres, but only one per cent of those daily trips are on bicycles.

Bicycle-Friendly Guelph Initiative is working to make cycling safer and more convenient. Using a comprehensive and consultative approach, Bicycle-Friendly Guelph hopes to triple the number of daily bike trips in Guelph by 2018.

On February 25, 2013 Council officially approved the Cycling Master Plan, and the City is implementing the recommendations in the plan in order to make Guelph a more Bicycle-Friendly community.

The five Es

  • Enforcement – traffic rules for drivers and cyclists
  • Education – promoting driver education programs, in-school programs (e.g. CAN-BIKE)
  • Engineering – new bike lanes and cycling facilites (e.g. bike box, cycling track)
  • Encouragement – community activities, incentives and events (e.g. National Commuter Challenge)
  • Evaluation – measure changes in cycling behaviour over time

As Guelph learns to go by bike, we reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while getting active and having fun!

Reports and resources