Recycle in parks

Wait! Don’t toss that empty plastic sports drink into the garbage. Use the blue recycling cart that’s provided.

This spring, we’ve introduced a two-stream waste collection pilot program in 30 of Guelph’s community and neighbourhood parks.

We encourage you to recycle and to use the appropriate cart. This means no food or dog waste in the blue cart, and sadly coffee cups aren’t recyclable so they need to go in the grey cart. With your help, we can reduce the number of recyclables entering the landfill.

Sort your waste

Garbage (grey cart) includes:


Styrofoam or plastic containers/utensils

Food waste

Food wrappers

Plastic bags

Pet waste

Recyclables (blue cart) include:




Plastic bottles


Milk/juice cartons

For more information

Parks Operations and Forestry
TTY 519-826-0771