How to dispose of medical waste

Items accepted in your grey cart

The following medical waste items, generated from a residential property, can be safely placed in your grey cart. Place the medical waste inside two clear plastic bags (double-bagged) before putting it in your grey cart. Remember to remove all attached needles and syringes first.

  • used bandages,
  • empty colostomy bags,
  • catheters,
  • dialysis bags, and
  • intravenous (IV) bags and tubes

Never put medical waste in your blue or green cart as this puts Solid Waste staff at risk.

We will not collect

The following medical waste items should never be placed in your waste carts. These items can be brought to a local pharmacy or to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) depot at 110 Dunlop Drive for safe disposal.

  • needles,
  • syringes,
  • prescription medication, and
  • infectious biomedical waste.

Place needles and syringes in an approved sharps container before bringing them to the HHW depot.

Business medical waste

Medical waste generated from an industrial, commercial or institutional facility (e.g. medical clinic, hospital, tattoo parlour, dentist or veterinarian office) is not permitted in City of Guelph waste carts. These facilities must arrange for the safe disposal of this medical waste.