Compostable bags

Give Waste a New Life

Paper bags and certified compostable plastic bags can be purchased at local retailers such as grocery stores, hardware stores, and superstores. If purchasing compostable plastic bags, look for one or both certification logos to ensure they break down when composted.

Why are compostable bags better?

Certified compostable bags and paper bags are a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative. Unlike plastic bags which must be removed at the end of the composting process and sent for disposal, compostable liners are made from cornstarch or plant-based material that breaks down during the composting process.

How will I know if I’m using the right bag?

Please be aware that there are a number of brands that market their bags for use with compostable green cart waste, but some of these may not be compostable. Some bags may also be branded as biodegradable rather than compostable. Biodegradable bags break down into smaller pieces of plastic. These smaller pieces will not decompose and will become a contaminant in the final composted product.

Certified compostable bags will display a Compostable logo on the packaging.

Compostable Logo

Paper bags are also compostable but these do not require a Compostable logo.

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