Cart liners

Give Waste a New Life

Green (organics)

Contents can be placed loose inside the cart without using a bag or liner. A paper liner or certified compostable plastic bag is optional. Opaque bags, such as black bags are not acceptable.

Acceptable liners include shredded paper, paper bags, newspaper, flour/sugar/fast food bags, a cereal box, or certified compostable plastic bags. Paper bags and certified compostable plastic bags can be purchased at local retailers. If purchasing compostable plastic bags, look for one or both certification logos to ensure they break down when composted.


Blue  (recyclables)

Do NOT use a bag or liner.

Contents must be loose, not bagged or bundled.

Shredded paper is the one exception, it must be placed in a transparent blue bag inside the blue cart.

Grey (garbage)

Contents can be placed loose inside the cart without a bag as a liner. It’s optional to use a clear bag only. No other bags are accepted.

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