Multi-residential waste collection

We’re expanding waste collection to provide greater flexibility and access to City waste collection service for multi-residential properties within Guelph.

Expanding multi-residential waste collection using front-end loading garbage trucks will help us:

  • serve a greater proportion of the existing multi-residential community
  • provide waste services for new multi-residential properties
  • provide waste collection to multi-residential properties that were inaccessible by automated trucks
  • capture more recyclables and organics
  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfills
  • educate the multi-residential community about correct waste sorting

We will roll out this waste collection program starting in 2019.

Get City waste collection at your property

Contact Solid Waste Resources at or 519-767-0598 to arrange for City waste collection at your multi-residential property. We’re here to help.

To be eligible for City waste collection at your multi-residential property, you must:

  • contact us and arrange a site visit to make sure the waste collection access point and process is suitable and safe;
  • submit a waste management plan for approval;
  • sign an authorization to allow the City to collect waste at your property;
  • get insurance for collection on private property
  • distribute a letter, educational materials and promotional supplies to residents to introduce the program; and
  • sort waste into three-streams (organics, recyclables and garbage)

We have materials you can share with your residents to educate them about correct waste sorting.


For more information

Solid Waste Resources