Keep your carts clean

Give Waste a New Life

The carts are easy to clean and include specially-designed lids to minimize odour and keep out pests. Try these tips:

  • Keep lids closed.
  • Keep the latch closed on your green cart.
  • Wash your food scrap container in the dishwasher or wipe by hand.
  • Line the green cart with newspapers, shredded paper, flour or sugar bags, cereal boxes, or purchase paper bags at local Guelph retailers.  This will help contain any liquids or odours and prevent contents from freezing to your green cart in the winter.
  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper or soiled paper towels before putting them in the green cart.
  • Layer food waste with soiled paper products or leaves.
  • Wipe out carts regularly; use white vinegar as an effective disinfectant.
    • Sprinkle in salt, garden lime or powdered ginger to ward off insects.

    Paper liners can be used to line your food scrap container.

    Shredded paper must be placed in a transparent plastic bag inside the blue cart

    Resident putting a clear bag full of diapers into the grey bin

    It’s optional to use a clear bag for items such as diapers and hygiene products and then place the bag into your grey cart.

    For more information

    Solid Waste Resources
    Telephone: 519-767-0598
    TTY: 519-826-9771