Curbside collection

Give Waste a New Life
Guelph residents participate in an automated three-stream curbside collection program—green for organics, blue for recyclables and grey for landfill.

Your green cart is collected at the curb every week. Your blue and grey cart is collected on alternate weeks—one week, you’ll put the green and blue carts at the curb; the next week the green and grey carts.

Sorting our organics, recyclables and garbage carefully and using carts can reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, lower the City’s operating costs and decrease Guelph’s carbon foot print.

Collection calendars

Guelph has two collection calendars – Week A and Week B.

Use the Guelph Waste lookup tool or Waste Collection Map to find out your collection day and whether your household follows the Week A or Week B Calendar.

Guelph Waste lookup tool

Waste collection calendar for 2018

503 KB2018 Week A waste collection calendar503 KB2018 Week B waste collection calendar
2018 Curbside Waste Collection Guide
handy printable guide with collection calendar, sorting list and more.

Remember to properly sort your waste

For more information

Solid Waste Resources
TTY: 519-826-9771