Water meter replacement program

The City is replacing older residential water meters throughout Guelph. A typical water meter is good for about 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. As water meters age, they become less accurate and may even leak. New water meters ensure accurate water billing for our customers.

If your water meter is due for mandatory replacement, Neptune Technology Group will contact you by mail, door hanger or phone. You’ll need to respond by booking your water meter replacement appointment at a time convenient for you. Installation of the new water meter is free.

Neptune staff will not show up at your door without an appointment. If anyone claiming to be from Neptune shows up at your door seeking access to your home without an appointment, you should call Water Services at 519-837-5627 to confirm that it is a legitimate visit. Information about door-to-door water system sales scams can be found at guelph.ca/water.

How to book your appointment

You can book your water meter replacement appointment with Neptune one of two ways:

  1. Online at watermeterappt.com
  2. By phone at 1-800-667-4387

Preparing for your appointment

Before your appointment, clear the area about 50 cm or two feet around your water meter, including above and below, so it’s easily accessible. Water meters are typically located in the basement along the front wall of your home. Please make sure your water shut off switch is also clear of any obstacles so it is easily accessible.

This image shows a water line entering a home. The customer-owned master shut-off valve is located close to where the water line enters the home. A water meter is attached to the water line.

During the appointment

Make sure an adult (18 years or older) is home during the appointment. Water meter replacement typically takes 30-90 minutes. The installer will need to shut off the water to your house while your water meter is being replaced.

About water meters and replacement

Water meters measure how much water you use in your home for billing purposes. The City of Guelph owns the water meter and you, the homeowner, own the piping and valves on either side of the meter, as well as the water pipe leading from your home to the curb stop. The City is responsible for water meter maintenance for regular wear and tear. The homeowner is required to maintain household pipes to protect the water meter from issues like freezing, and cannot tamper with the water meter.

Cross section showing ownership of water pipes

The City is replacing about 26,000 water meters over the next five years, starting in 2019. The City has contracted Neptune Technology Group to schedule appointments for and complete water meter replacements.

About Neptune Technology Group

Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities across North America. We make data actionable using effective software and hardware tools that are interconnected by a smart network, with expertise and experience specifically focused on the business of water.

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