Guelph: Leading the Way

Guelph is one of the few cities in Canada that relies on groundwater for its water supply.

Speed River_DeborahWilsonGroundwater is less abundant than surface water. As a result, water conservation plays an important role in ensuring our precious water resources are still available for future generations to enjoy.

Guelph is making a difference

  • Guelph’s population continues to grow, but the City’s total water consumption continues to decline.
  • Guelphites use an average of 184 litres of water per day, compared to the national daily average of 274 litres of water per day.
  • The City provides resources and rebates to encourage residents and businesses to reduce their water use.

Together, let’s grow Guelph’s water conservation success: you can make a difference too!

Purchase a Blue Built Home and contribute to our community’s water conservation efforts and long-term environmental benefits.