Stormwater service fees and credits for businesses

My fee

Industrial, commercial and institutional properties will be assessed and will pay a monthly fee that reflects the impervious (hard) surfaces on their property such as larger rooftops, parking lots and concrete surfaces.

How it works

The City’s stormwater service fee is based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) model. An ERU represents the average number of square metres of impervious (hard) surface area on residential properties throughout the city. The average hard surface for residential properties in Guelph is 188 square metres.

Calculated hard surface areas will be divided by the area for one ERU to determine the multiplier for the service fee.

This calculation fairly reflects the amount of runoff industrial, commercial and institutional properties contribute to the City’s stormwater system.

For example, a business property has 750 square metres of hard surface:

  1. ERU multiplier calculation: 750 square metres/188 square metres = 4 ERUs
  2. Monthly bill calculation: $4.60/month x 4 ERUs = $18.40/month

Stormwater services will be billed on Alectra Utilities bills much like water/wastewater use. A stormwater service fee line item will be shown on the bill. The stormwater service fee is a City fee and is not connected to the electricity bill or electricity rates.

Stormwater fee credits

The City offers ongoing stormwater fee credits to industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) properties, businesses and multi-residential properties of six units or more.  Learn about the stormwater credit program.


If you still have questions about the stormwater service fee, please email or call 519-837-5604 extension 3486.